Sales and Marketing Channels: How to Build and Manage Distribution Strategy

Analyze, plan and manage profitable channels to market with this economic framework, ensuring maximum leverage of channel partners at every stage of the go-to-market process, with this fully revised third edition of the global bestseller, Distribution Channels - an essential toolkit for strategizing new and existing routes to market.

Unprecedented upheavals in routes-to-market are challenging businesses of all types. Products are becoming services, online and offline channels are integrating, and new distribution channels are dictating terms to producers. Placing market access at the heart of business and marketing strategy, this revised edition of Sales and Marketing Channels (originally Distribution Channels) addresses emerging business models and buying behaviours with practical steps, offering an efficient structure to extract tangible commercial value from partner relationships.

Often referred to as the "Place" P in the marketing mix, this book and its host of downloadable resources integrate innovative case studies like AirBNB, the largest seller of rooms without ownership of any; Transferwise, the peer-to-peer Forex; plus, the rise of online retailers like Amazon and ASOS versus the decline of traditional stores like Macy's or BHS.

Other updates include:
-The impact of cloud technology
-Advancing consumer channels
-Monetizing the distribution of intellectual property
-Plus the evolving 'gig economy', led by Uber and Deliveroo

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