Simply UK Government Finances 2021-22

How much comes in? Where does the money go? How big is the deficit and what is happening to it? What does the Government need to borrow and how much is debt increasing? How much is the covid-19 pandemic costing? What much is the EU exit settlement? Transparency in public finances has frequently meant the provision of ever increasing amounts of financial information, without a focus on the need to make that information understandable. As a result, most of us know little about our government and how it is financed. Simply UK aims to remedy that situation by providing a clear and concise summary of the UK Government’s financial position, using vivid and colourful charts to clearly explain how the coronavirus pandemic has added to the national debt and how the Government’s objective of eliminating the deficit has been abandon, at least for now. It explains where the money comes from and where it goes. It also provides information about the EU Budget, the overall UK economy, and provides a brief overview of how the tax and welfare systems work. In a handy compact A5 format, Simply UK is an indispensable companion for everyone wanting to understand how our government works.

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