This book is the standard preparatory text for APICS certification exams! It discusses how to use the latest MPC techniques to improve your supply chain effectiveness. In today's manufacturing environment, decisions must be made immediately and with little time for on-the-spot research or second-guessing. More than at any time in the past, professionals must rethink virtually every aspect of this streamlined manufacturing approach - or risk being left behind in the newly urgent race to both cut costs and reduce time. "Manufacturing Planning and Control Systems for Supply Chain Management, Fifth Edition" provides the information and analysis you need to remain both current and competitive. Completely revised and updated, this authoritative and essential book covers the new and existing state-of-the-manufacturing-art in areas including: Supply chain management; Demand management; Sales and operations planning; Material requirements planning (MRP); Enterprise resource planning (ERP); Production activity control; Inventory management; and, Capacity planning and utilization. The customer is king in today's manufacturing environment, and meeting customer demands has become the chief imperative for manufacturing success. Let "Manufacturing Planning and Control Systems for Supply Chain Management" provide you with the up-to-the-minute knowledge you need to meet those demands, and the details to meet them with dramatically greater speed and precision than your competitors. The world of manufacturing is experiencing a top-to-bottom transformation of a magnitude not seen since Henry Ford introduced the assembly line. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems increasingly integrate all internal company activities and functions, including manufacturing planning and control (MPC) systems. Decision making is transferred to floor level teams. Efficiency-driven processes are now being combined with global, web-driven interconnectedness between suppliers and customers, where the focus is on efficiencies gained by managing elaborate supply chains and networks. In all of this, today's customers set the manufacturing agenda, demanding increased speed, greater variety - and even a hand in the manufacturing process itself. Manufacturing Planning and Control Systems for Supply Chain Management, Fifth Edition, has been completely revamped to help you excel in this new manufacturing environment. Manufacturing professionals at every level, along with anyone studying for the APICS certification exams, can turn to this authoritative manufacturing professionals' handbook for the latest facts, techniques, and guidelines, in areas including: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) - What ERP is and how it works, including implementation examples and lessons from Eli Lilly, Scotts, and other multinational firms; Supply Chain Management - Methods for coordinating flows of materials and information across companies, for dramatic improvement in overall effectiveness, with examples from Nokia, Hewlett-Packard, and Flextronics; Just-in-Time - JIT's key principles and features and how they impact MPC systems, with examples from JIT pioneer Toyota as well as the latest advances in JIT-based practices; and, Strategy and MPC System Design - Options for linking MPC system design with corporate strategy, plus integrating MRP and JIT in existing or new MPS systems. It also includes Advanced Concepts - New approaches and frameworks in sales and operations planning, material requirements planning, scheduling, and supply chain partnering. "Manufacturing Planning and Control Systems" is both the classic field handbook for manufacturing professionals and the comprehensive preparatory text for APICS certification courses. Now, in this thoroughly revised and updated fifth edition, this vital book once again provides you with hands-on details of the latest MPC research and practice, and gives you the competitive advantage you need in today's high-stakes, no-holds-barred global manufacturing arena.

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