The Investor’s Guide to Technical Analysis (PROFESSIONAL FINANCE & INVESTM)

Everything investors need to know to understand, utilize, and profit from the basic tools of technical analysis

Technical analysis (TA) doesn't have to be difficult or intimidating. In fact, many TA tools are remarkably simple to use and have helped millions of individual investors dramatically improve their results.

The Investor's Guide to Technical Analysis provides investors with practical strategies, cut-to-the-chase explanations, and detailed introductions to the basic tools and concepts of technical analysis.

More than just an overview of technical analysis, this results-based book shows investors how to apply the most efficient and reliable TA tools to their investment programs and greatly increase both their confidence and their results. Straightforward examples and descriptions show investors of every type how to:

  • Understand market cycles and their value in choosing optimal buy and sell points
  • Identify and make use of basic indicators as well as sentiment indicators
  • Use trend lines to accurately track market movement

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