The Only Bitcoin Investing Book You’ll Ever Need: An Absolute Beginner’s Guide to the Cryptocurrency Which Is Changing the World and Your Finances in 2021 & Beyond

If you feel like you’ve “missed the boat” on Bitcoin. Think again…

Because while Bitcoin continues to hit all time highs, this book will show you it’s not too late to invest in “Digital Gold”

What was once a fringe currency only used by a dark corner of the web… is now the fastest growing financial asset on Earth.

And this is just the beginning…

You see, we are still in just the 2nd inning of Bitcoin as a financial entity.

So while no financial vehicle is making people rich as quickly as Bitcoin…

Less than 10% of Americans and 2% of the worldwide population owns it.

But now, the major players are taking an interest.

Like Billionaire Hedge Fund owner Paul Tudor Jones

Internet pioneer Tim Draper, who was an early investor in companies like Hotmail, Tesla and Robinhood.

And CEO of Social Capital, Chamath Palihapitiya, who predicts Bitcoin will be worth $1 million within the next 15 years.

So even if you’ve been unconvinced thus far, this book will give you the straight facts on Bitcoin as a financial asset… without any of the hype or noise.

Here is just a fraction of what you will discover:

  • The surprisingly small amount of Bitcoin you need to join the top 1% of Bitcoin owners worldwide – Page 15
  • How a complete technophobe can buy Bitcoin is less than 5 minutes – Page 65
  • 5 Billionaires who believe Bitcoin has a part to play in the world economy – Page 16
  • Is Bitcoin a legitimate currency? Answered on page 32
  • A simple way to automate your Bitcoin purchases so you can take advantage of dollar cost averaging – Page 66
  • The exact percentage of Bitcoin transactions that are used for illegal activities. Anti-Bitcoiners get this wrong all the time – Page 51
  • Why you should never use Robinhood to buy Bitcoin – Page 70
  • The downside of purchasing Bitcoin funds like GBTC – Page 71
  • How much of your portfolio should you dedicate to Bitcoin? Our “one size fits all” solution is on page 102


Plus free video tutorials for safely buying and storing Bitcoin on Page 7

This is not a 600 page theoretical book which you need a math degree to understand. Written in plain English and free from repetitive technical jargon. Every single piece of financial and technical terminology is clearly defined inside.

You’ll find easy-to-follow advice in how to buy and store Bitcoin yourself… without having to pay expensive fees to middlemen.

For everyone who feels frustrated after watching Bitcoin soar in price… this is your chance to get in while the going is good.

And not feel like you missed the boat…

So even if you’re never read a single finance or investing book in your life, you will immediately understand how to become a successful long-term investor.

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