The Sales Accelerator: How to expand your sales capability to compete successfully in any market

It’s time to accelerate your sales performance

Are you a senior executive in charge of a sales team? Or a CEO launching a division of your international company in a new country? Do your sales numbers need a boost? Let The Sales Accelerator put you on the fast track, using proven techniques to help you improve sales performance, meet your targets, and scale up faster.

This book provides a step-by-step roadmap that will turn your sales force and leadership into a competitive advantage. Build sales agility, improve performance, and hit your numbers, all while keeping your customer’s needs at the heart of your business… The Sales Accelerator will show you how.

Read this book to:


  • Translate your boardroom sales strategy into practical frontline performance
  • Quickly build a high-potential sales team in a new environment
  • Turn your marketing investment into sales revenue
  • Build agile sales teams that learn and quickly adapt to change
  • Coach your sales leaders for results and team engagement


This book outlines a no-nonsense approach to accelerating your sales performance, based on years of experience working knee-deep in the trenches with successful CEOs and senior executives. Step on the gas and turbo-charge your sales. Read The Sales Accelerator today.

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