The Strategic Bond Investor: Strategies and Tools to Unlock the Power of the Bond Market (PROFESSIONAL FINANCE & INVESTM)

Discover Profit Opportunitiesin Today’s Bond Market!

“Tony Crescenzi knows bonds and his book proves it.”
Bill Gross, Managing Director, Pacific Investment Management Company

In 2002, Anthony Crescenzi opened thedoor to an innovative new style of investingwith his publication of The Strategic BondInvestor. The book instantly became the go-toguide for investors seeking an aggressive yetrisk-conscious path to profit. Now, Crescenziprovides a completely updated edition of hispopular bond book to address the realities ofthe post-credit-crisis economy―and to helpyou take total advantage of everything bondshave to offer.

More relevant now than ever, The StrategicBond Investor provides asorely needed alternative to the stock marketgame―where the rewards for taking riskshave been less than desirable. The bond markettends to be relatively safe and accessible,but it can also be vibrant and highly profitableif you approach it the right way. Crescenzi offersa fully rounded education on the subjectto help better prepare you to make profitabledecisions every time.

The Strategic Bond Investordemystifies bonds and the bond market withclear descriptions of:

  • Different bond types, includingU.S. Treasuries, corporate bonds,and municipal bonds
  • Bond market risks―and how to mitigate them
  • The powerful role of the FederalReserve and the art of Fed watching
  • How to read the bond market’s“crystal ball”―the yield curve
  • The five tenets of successfulinterest-rate forecasting
  • Techniques for forecastingmarket behavior
  • How to use credit ratings toyour advantage
  • The best bond investing strategies

This comprehensive, up-to-the-minute guideprovides straightforward techniques for cashingin on the unlimited potential of bondinvesting―whether your interests are long orshort term.

Now is not the time to play games with yourfinancial future. Learn the secret to investingprofitably in the bond market while offsettingportfolio risks with The Strategic BondInvestor.

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