Tiley’s Revenue Law

This is the 10th edition of John Tiley’s classic textbook on revenue law, covering the UK tax system, income tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax and corporation tax, as well as incorporating sections dealing with international and European tax, savings, charities, and - new to this edition - value added tax and stamp duties.

The new edition has been comprehensively revised and fully updated with the latest case law, statutory and other developments, including the Finance Act 2021. The book’s companion website provides bonus chapters on investment intermediaries, pensions, charities, and the UK’s value added tax and stamp duties. The companion website will also supply annual updates to the print edition as well as study questions to help students navigate this complex subject.

The book is designed for students taking modules in tax law in the final year of their law degree, or for more advanced courses. It is also a valuable resource for academics and professionals in the field. It provides an account of the rules as well as citation of the relevant literature from legal periodicals and some discussion of, or reference to, the background material in terms of policy, history or other countries’ tax systems to give readers a contextual overview of the subject.

Accompanying online resources for this title can be found at bloomsbury.pub/tileys-revenue-law. These resources are designed to support teaching and learning when using this textbook and are available at no extra cost.

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