Video Marketing: Create Engaging Video Campaigns to Drive Brand Growth and Sales

In a 'video first' world, video is one of the most effective tools marketers can use to raise brand awareness, engage consumers, drive website traffic and increase sales.

Video Marketing takes a step-by-step and in-depth look at planning and creating great video campaigns, as well as activating, testing and measuring their success. Featuring case studies from global household names such as adidas, Kleenex, and Red Bull, it explores which video types and platforms brands should use, using multi-video campaigns, live videos and webinars, as well as creating and editing video campaigns on a budget using DSLRs and smartphones.

Updated with the latest developments, this second edition of Video Marketing contains new chapters on understanding your audience and buying media space on ad networks and social media, as well as further content on personal and personalized content and avoiding potential pitfalls such as frauds, fake views and updates. Accompanying online resources consist of video links for campaigns discussed in the book and a downloadable strategy planner for readers to complete and put into action.

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