Your Financial Flight Plan: Your guide to taking the fear out of dealing with your finances and growing your wealth

Does making a financial plan for your life and business leave you feeling inadequate and overwhelmed?

Have you ever wondered if you’re getting the most cash out of your business, whilst also being best friends with the tax man?

Are you ready to create a flight plan to make sure your finances take off this year?

Accountant, business mentor and financial coach Tanya Ibberson - The Financial Wingwoman - is here to help you with just that.

This book will help you chart your course to financial independence by using resources readily available to you. You will learn how to overcome money mindset issues whilst holding yourself accountable to taking action as the CEO you want to be.

Expect easy to implement practical advice, as well as handy tips and tricks, to help you along the way so that you will be soaring with the foundations of your business all stitched up and part of the fabric of what you do before you know it!

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