2,239 Tested Secrets For Direct Marketing Success

"A 10-pound heart of Godiva chocolates couldn't possibly be more delicious and satisfying than the juicy nuggets that fill this anthology of direct marketing wit and wisdom. Read it slowly. It's a book to be studied, to be savored, and--of course--to be unashamedly stolen from." -- Emily Soell, Vice Chairman/Chief Creative Officer Worldwide DraftDirect Worldwide "What a treasure chest for direct marketers around the world!" -- Bob Stone, Chairman Emeritus Stone & Adler "What a brilliant idea this book is . . . for learning and reference by professionals and novices alike. It's a great read, well-organized." -- Martin Baier "Denny Hatch and Don Jackson have done our industry a great service. . . . Anyone who reads this book and puts its lessons to work will profit mightily from it." -- Arthur Middleton Hughes, Executive Vice President ACS, Inc. "They left out one "secret": Buy this book." -- Murray Raphel Raphel Marketing "Hatch and Jackson rule with their new 2,239 Tested Secrets for Direct Marketing Success. There's nothing else like it!" -- Jim Rosenfield, Chairman Rosenfield & Associates "Denny and Don have done it! . . . Their unique collection of the direct marketing industry's best secrets--covering alternate media to creative and databases . . . to design, fulfillment and Internet marketing . . . to testimonials and telemarketing, and so much more--will prove to be an invaluable yardstick for seasoned direct marketers and neophytes alike. -- John Harrison, President DiMark, a Harte-Hanks Company "Jackson and Hatch have . . . organized a readable anthology of the rules for making direct response and advertising work in any business." -- Henry R. "Pete" Hoke, Publisher Emeritus Direct Marketing Magazine "This one's for all of us . . . whether you just entered the business or have gray in your hair, this book is a must. . . . The 'rules' that Hatch and Jackson provide are the result of the experiences of some of the most important innovators in direct marketing. The result is not only a useful tool which I will use frequently, but a compendium of truly BIG ideas!" -- Jerry Reitman, Executive Director Chicago Direct Marketing Educational Foundation "I was delighted to find this volume is more than just a gold mine of ideas. It's more like a good novel. Open to any page, and it's hard to put down." -- Jim Kobs, Chairman Kobs Gregory Passavant

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