A Degree in a Book: Marketing: Everything You Need to Know to Master the Subject – in One Book! (A Degree in a Book, 7)

A comprehensive, highly visual guide to everything you can learn in a Marketing degree.

This accessible full-colour book leads the reader through the crucial aspects of successful business marketing, covering everything from advertising and social media to marketing economics and the commercial law. Easy-to-digest information is presented with flow diagrams, infographics, pull-out features and glossaries breaking down marketing jargon. Profiles of successful marketing professionals are also included, such as David Ogilvy and Philip Kotler, as well as brand biographies to show principles in practice, from Netflix to Apple.

Includes topics such as:
• Management
• Market research
• Product development
• Buyer behavior and the impact of popular culture, ethics and social responsibility
• Digital marketing including social media and SEO
• Retail - in all its many forms
• How lockdown and the global pandemic has altered the world of marketing

Whether you're a student, a marketing professional or a small business trying to expand, A Degree in a Book: Marketing is perfect for anyone wishing to know how good, effective marketing can play a part in their own business.

ABOUT THE SERIES: Get the knowledge of a degree for the price of a book with Arcturus Publishing's A Degree in a Book series. Written by experts in their fields, these highly visual guides feature flow diagrams, infographics, handy timelines, information boxes, feature spreads and margin annotations, allowing readers to get to grips with complex subjects in no time.

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