Crackerjack Selling Secrets: Persuasion Strategies of the Most Successful Sales, Marketing, and Negotiation Pros Who Ever Lived

If you'd like to learn the best-kept secrets used by history's most persuasive men, this letter shows you how.

Here's the scoop:

A new Book has been published called: "Crackerjack Selling Secrets"

This book is short and based on simplicity.

To help decide if it's for you, here are some secrets inside:

• The pick-up artist's "instant ice-breaking" secret for getting people to like and trust you in seconds of meeting you.

• A borderline "racist" (and even sexist) sales principle that instantly makes people more likely to buy from you. (Don't worry—there's nothing unethical or evil about it. In fact, people APPRECIATE it when you do it.)

• The "nerd gets cheerleader" persuasion trick that makes it extremely hard for customers to resist buying from you. (Even if they didn't intend to!)

• An almost unheard of way to use vicious gossip to sell more products. (Benjamin Franklin used this to get hostile kings of enemy countries to listen to his ideas while a U.S. diplomat.)

• How to "de-hype" your most powerful and outrageous product claims. (Mr. Spock often did this in the old Star Trek TV shows to persuade Captain Kirk to do something crazy.)

• The secret of selling with your hands. (Nobody in the history of mankind has ever been able to ignore a sales pitch by someone who does this with one of their hands.)

• How to get cold prospects to EAGERLY buy your most expensive products "sight unseen" (This was discovered years ago by a social psychologist, takes zero effort to use, and is so effective it might be the only sales "technique" you ever need!)

• How a man once billed as "the world's greatest salesman" sold millions of dollars in products by NOT talking. (PERFECT if you're introverted, shy, or feel awkward when selling.)

• A sneaky (& fun) way to "trick" your competition into selling for you... without them even knowing! (Warning: ONLY works for truly valuable products & services. Otherwise, it will backfire on you.)

• A can't-lose way to "flip" angry prospects into your happiest & BEST paying customers. (An airline did this when a flight was delayed several hours and had people on board loving the company within minutes.)

• The "bumbler's advantage" persuasion phenomenon used by some of history's most effective salesmen, politicians, negotiators, & lawyers.

• The simple trick used by professional con men that makes it almost impossible for prospects to tell you "no." (There's absolutely nothing even remotely unethical, illegal or immoral about doing this.)

• The "un-sexy" secret of a trial lawyer who NEVER loses. (This man was once accused of "hypnotizing" a jury using this innocent tip found here.)

• A simple way to "spin" a prospect's rejection into multiple new sales. (Say this when someone tells you "no" and watch. You might even start praying for "no's" after reading this!)

• A secret "2 second" trick for selling high-ticket products and services to complete strangers.

• The "Dear Abby" persuasion formula used by a few (rich) marketers to slip past peoples' natural sales defenses. (Even works with people who automatically delete or ignore sales pitches on sight!)

• How top door-to-door salesmen used to quickly and easily "neutralize" prospect sales resistance. (Works online, too.)

• How "the most persuasive man of the 20th century" effortlessly sold big-ego Wall Street tycoons, political power players, and U.S. presidents on his ideas.

• 7 simple words that almost force "hemmers & hawers" off the fence. (And, in many cases, choose to buy what you're selling!)

• And a whole lot more.

Best part: No fancy closes, enduring withering rejection, or superhuman persistence needed.

Grab your copy today, and watch your sales soar as early as tonight…

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