Create Togetherness: Transform Sales and Marketing to Exceed Modern Buyers’ Expectations and Increase Revenue

A strategic roadmap for B2B leaders ready to take on the challenge of aligning their sales and marketing teams to win the business of modern buyers.

Create Togetherness encourages B2B leaders to examine the relationship between sales and marketing and head toward alignment. The misalignment of these two departments has resulted in companies falling behind their competitors by failing to acknowledge a structural flaw responsible for a significant loss in revenue. For companies wanting to accelerate revenue growth and advance in the B2B marketplace, Jeff Davis, a sales and marketing alignment expert offers a step-by-step guide for sales and marketing to join forces, thereby creating a partnership between the two to meet the new demands of the modern buyer.

Digital disruption has spurred B2B leaders to rethink the silo mentality that has been responsible for the dysfunctional relationship between sales and marketing. When alignment transformation is handled slowly and with open communication, companies will be able to provide a higher-level customer experience to satisfy target buyers’ demands. Create Togetherness presents the many advantages companies experience after the alignment transformation of sales and marketing has been implemented.

This book provides valuable insights by helping leaders:

  • Discover the extent of misalignment between sales and marketing in their organization.
  • Understand the benefits of a strategic approach to long-term, sustainable alignment.
  • Learn why technology cannot cure misalignment.
  • Discover a strategic roadmap to start the alignment transformation journey

Enjoy the journey to creating togetherness.

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