Founding Sales: The Early Stage Go-to-Market Handbook

This book is specifically targeted for founders who find themselves at the point where they need to transition into a selling role. Specifically founders who are leading organizations that have a B2B, direct sales model that involves sales professionals engaging in verbal, commercial conversations with buyers. Moreover, many examples in this book will be targeted specifically to the realm of B2B SAAS software, and specifically as regards new, potentially innovative or disruptive offerings that are being brought to market for the first time.

In short, direct sales of the sort a B2B SAAS software startup would engage in.

With that said, if you are looking to be a first time salesperson, transitioning in from another type of role, or fresh out of school, in an organization that meets those characteristics above, you will get value out of this book.

Similarly, if you are a first time sales manager, either of the founder type, or a sales individual contributor who is transitioning into that role, again, in an organization who meets the criteria above, you will also get value from this book.

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