Fundamentals of Marketing, 2nd Edition

How did the start-up dating app CLikD quickly rise to become an award-winning competitor to Tinder and Bumble? How should organizations incorporate social media into their communication campaigns? What can you learn from these practices, and how could it help you in your future career?

Combining the most essential theories and offering a global range of cases and practitioner insights, Fundamentals of Marketing is the most relevant, concise guide to marketing. Based on the best-selling Marketing by Baines, Fill, Rosengren and Antonetti, this book will take you on a journey from the traditional marketing mix to the cutting-edge trends of the discipline such as sustainability, ethics, and digitalization. Along the way, cases and market insights featuring international companies and organizations such as Tesla, Brompton Bicycles, and Cambridge Analytica will take you beyond the theory to understand marketing at work in the business world, making sure you are equipped with the knowledge you need to promote a company's success in the future.

From Ammon Zeus to Aircall, the Guardian to Spotify, Fundamentals of Marketing highlights up-and-coming start-up businesses as well as household names, discussing the real-life marketing dilemmas they have faced and discovering how they navigated their way to a positive outcome.

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