Guerilla Marketing for Direct Selling: Your Personal Marketing Plan to Generate More Leads, More Referrals, and More Repeat Business

Are you struggling to get more prospects? Discover the proven system that will bring you more qualified leads than you can handle.

Is your compensation check flat-lining? Are you losing money paying for leads who don't convert? Is your sales system not really a system at all?

As a global expert with clients like Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, Honda, AT&T, Rolling Stone and many others, marketing genius Jay Levinson's fifty plus years of experience has made him a master of turning small dreams into million dollar enterprises. Now he's teamed up with direct selling veterans, James Dillehay and Marcella Harting to teach you how to attract more prospects for your offer and turn them into raving fans.

Guerilla Marketing for Direct Selling is a long-needed system for getting and keeping leads in a highly competitive industry. Between organizing your action steps and inspiring stories from million-dollar earners in direct sales, the authors' proven strategies will help you sell more products and retain more customers. By following their user-friendly approach, you will have a duplicable system to grow your team.

In Guerilla Marketing for Direct Selling, you’ll learn:

- How to get immediate results – more customers, larger transactions, lifetime customers

- 100 ways to attract prospects after your warm market is exhausted

- How to organize all your lead gathering tactics from learning your competitive advantages to scheduling your promotions every day

- How to position your offer to special audiences ignored by others

- How to build rapport to help you get on people’s wavelength

- How to identify your prospect's core needs so you become an asset they can’t do without

- And much, much more.

Guerrilla Marketing for Direct Selling is the essential from-lead-to-loyal-customer system for anyone looking to take their direct sales or network marketing business to the next level. If you like insightful words of wisdom, rags-to-riches success stories, and expert advice, then you’ll love this must-have manual.

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