How does Google support organizations in their transformation to digital marketing?

How does the International Food Waste Coalition influence more sustainable behaviour?

How did a producer of Thai herbal toothpaste amend their marketing mix to maintain sales during COVID-19?

With insights from leading practitioners and exploration of the latest issues to affect consumers and businesses alike, Marketing answers these questions and more to provide students with the skills they need to successfully engage with marketing across all areas of society.

Founded on rigorous research, this critical text presents a current, complete guide to marketing success and explores topical issues such as sustainability and digital transformation. Its broadest ever range of examples, Practitioner Insights and Market Insights also give readers a unique view into the fascinating worlds of marketing professionals. Individuals from Arch Creative, Klarna, eDreams Odigeo and Watson Farley & Williams are just a few of the practitioners that join the authors to offer real-life insights and career advice to those starting out in the industry.

Review and discussion questions conclude each chapter, prompting readers to examine the themes discussed in more detail, and encouraging them to engage critically with the theory. New critical thinking questions also accompany the links to seminal papers throughout each chapter, presenting the opportunity for students to take their learning further.

An exciting development for this new edition, the enhanced e-book offers an even more flexible and engaging way to learn. It features a select range of embedded, digital resources designed to stimulate, assess, and consolidate learning, including practitioner videos to offer further glimpses into the professional world, multiple-choice questions after each key section of the chapter to offer regular revison and understanding checkpoints, and a flashcard glossary at the end of each chapter to test retention of key terms and concepts.

Marketing is the complete package for any introductory marketing module.

This book is accompanied by the following online resources.

For everyone:
Bank of case studies
Practitioner insight videos
Career insight videos
Library of video links

For students:
Key concept videos
Author audio podcasts
Multiple-choice questions
Flashcard glossary
Internet activities
Research insights
Web links

For lecturers:
PowerPoint slides
Test bank
Essay questions
Tutorial activities
Discussion question pointers
Figures and tables from the book

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