MEDDICC: The ultimate guide to staying one step ahead in the complex sale

MEDDICC is taking the Enterprise Sales, SaaS, and B2B Sales worlds by storm. MEDDIC and MEDPICC are used by elite sales companies like Sprinklr, AppDynamics, and Snowflake to generate billion-dollar revenues.

But, these revolutionary sales success systems can be implemented just as successfully by small business sales teams and salespeople of all experiences levels to incrementally increase the frequency of sales closed… and at significantly higher values.

The power of the MEDDICC system lies in its ability to make any sales process predictable and efficient.  Exclusively in this MEDDICC guide, you will learn sales tactics directly from Andy Whyte, a sales leader that helped several organizations implement variations of MEDDIC, and more importantly, an A-Level sales professional that has used MEDDIC, MEDDICC, and MEDDPICC principles in the field for many years at the top of the B2B and enterprise sales businesses.  In this book, you are not learning from a sales trainer, you are learning top-level sales tactics from a salesman that successfully employs MEDDICC skills every day!

In this straightforward MEDDICC sales book, you will learn:

  • Valuable sales advice and real-world sales experiences from MEDDIC founder Dick Dunkel and ‘The Godfather of MEDDIC’, Jack Napoli
  • How to apply the MEDDICC framework to any sales deal and take control of the entire sales process, instead of playing catch-up, or adjusting to your competitors
  • How to allow your buyer to see the value of your sales solution and prevent them from perceiving you as too expensive
  • How to find, articulate and quantify your buyer’s pain, so that your solution seems like the ideal answer to their problem
  • How to gain access to the ‘power and influence’ in your buyer’s company and understand how their company makes buying decisions
  • How to understand your competition and their tactics, so that you can defend against their best strikes and counterattacks
  • How to keep yourself organized in the sales process, so you do not lose track of where you stand in the deal
  • How to use the acronyms in each system to win more sales deals, faster: Sales Metrics, Economic Buyer, Decision Criteria, Decision Process, Paper Process, Implicate the Pain, Champion, Competition and Risks.

“Whether you are an individual contributor or sales leader, my advice is that you should start to implement MEDDICC into what you do straight away. Embrace MEDDICC, and you and your team will more clearly understand the WHY to your process, and you'll begin to execute your customer interactions with more purpose and achieve better results. And like so many others before, you will begin to reap the rewards of having a well-qualified pipeline of opportunities with clearer paths to success.”  - Dick Dunkel, founder of MEDDIC

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