Quick Start Guide for Network Marketing: Get Started FAST, Rejection-FREE!

Paralyzed with fear? Can't get started? Never again!

What if we could put our new team members into action immediately?

How? With the exact words to say and the exact activities to do.

In just a few minutes, our quick start instructions can help our new team members find the perfect prospects, close them, and avoid embarrassment and rejection. Our new team members have never done network marketing before. Let’s shorten their learning curve while helping them get results in the first 24 hours.

As with any profession, there are many skills to learn when we start a network marketing career. But, we don't have to learn them all right away. With just a few basic mindsets and phrases, our new team members can build a business while they learn their new profession.

To start immediately, they need to learn how to:

* Say the right words in the first 10 seconds.

* Avoid rejection.

* Never set off the dreaded salesman alarm.

* Get others to point them to high-quality prospects who are ready to take action.

* Get appointments immediately.

* Give short answers to the biggest objections.

* Talk about problems, not solutions.

* Create better results with Level Six communication.

* Follow up in minutes, not hours.

* Address the five trigger points prospects use to make their final decision.

Our new team members are at the peak of their enthusiasm now. Let’s give them the fast-start skills to kick-start their business immediately.

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