Sales Funnel Marketing for Beginners: Learn How to Make a Sales Funnel, Build a Sales Funnel, Manage Sales Funnel, …With Sales Funnel Examples and Email Marketing Tools

Do you find it hard to make consistent sales in your business?Know that Generating sales always is not magic. There is a system to it called the SALES FUNNEL.Sadly, some businesses do not know how to make their sales funnel work for them.This book was written to address this challenge. This book is written in simple, clear language to educate you on;What is a sales funnel?Benefits of a sales funnelTypes of sales funnels.How to create sales funnelHow to manage sales funnelSales funnel email marketing toolsExamples of a sales funnelOnline tools for building high converting sales funnelTop mistakes you are making with your sales funnelSteps on how to generate high converting sales funnel It also guides you to the formula for building a high-converting sales funnel. You will also learn the top mistakes that businesses make in their sales funnel and how to avoid them. Finally, the book will equip you with all the tools that you need to build your online sales funnels.If you desire to boost your sales, read this book.

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