Selling to the Affluent (MARKETING/SALES/ADV & PROMO)

"I told you how to find them. Now learn how to sell them." - Dr. Thomas J. Stanley. "Dr. Stanley's strategies consider the real needs of the high income professionals - needs that go beyond any product or service. These needs are psychological and revolve around the recognition of the individual's extraordinary level of achievements. He provides some terrific insights as to how to solicit and maintain business by unconventional, but highly effective means". - Carolyn J. Cole, Senior Vice President, Consumer Markets, Paine Webber, Inc. "Must reading for anyone who is serious about building a career in sales to wealthy individuals." - J. Arthur Urciuoli, Director of Marketing, Merrill Lynch. ""Selling to the Affluent" is well written, relevant, and exciting; it presents an important complementary extension to Marketing to the Affluent." - William D. Danko, Ph.D., Director, Executive Development Programs, School of Business, State University of New York.

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