Selling With Story: How To Use Storytelling To Become An Authority, Boost Sales, And Win The Hearts And Minds Of Your Audience (Kyle Gray’s Guides To Business … Content Marketing And Sales Funnel Success)

Do you want a surefire way to quickly communicate your value in any situation from an elevator pitch to a keynote speech?

Often, the difference between a struggling and thriving business is only a story. Because in a world filled with noise, distraction, and pretenders, your audience is left craving the authentic human connection that comes with storytelling.

Successful entrepreneurs, influencers, and coaches know how to use story to communicate their value in a way that resonates with their ideal customers. True masters can effortlessly and effectively share their story online and offline.

This book will equip you with the tools, templates, and strategies to create a story your customers need to hear to capture their attention and desire. You'll learn timeless techniques to position yourself as an authority without being "self-promotional" and sell without being "salesy."

Included free with this book is a set of helpful templates, worksheets, and resources at

Whether this is your first book on storytelling marketing, you know the basics, or you’re a business storytelling master, this process will help you reach more people, sell more of your product or service, and make your business work for you (not the other way around).

You'll learn how to:

• Set yourself apart from your competition.
• Apply secrets for connecting with the emotions (and wallets) of your audience.
• Capture your story in a system that naturally educates, converts, and sells to your audience.
• Grow your list and your following with digital storytelling techniques.
• Use storytelling for better results in presentations, interviews, conversation, and enrollment calls.

How will your business improve?

• Raise your prices and profits by communicating clearer value.
• Naturally enroll and inspire potential clients in everyday conversation.
• Experience increased conversions in your sales calls and sales funnels.
• Creating engaging presentations, keynotes, and webinars will become straightforward and easy.

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