Smartphone Smart Marketing: A layman’s guide to content marketing, social media strategy, photography, video production, audio and live streaming. (A Layman’s Guide)

It is time to become the content creator and marketeer you always dreamed of being?

If you have a smartphone, then you are ready to create and build an audience for your brand or business. You have the technology and this book will give you the knowledge and practical skills to use it.

Smartphone Smart Marketing is the follow-up book to the successful title Smartphone Media Production. It is written by award-winning filmmaker, professional digital marketer and content creator Robb Wallace. Robb has over sixteen years of experience in the field as well as an award-winning degree in Broadcast Production.

In 2016 Smartphone Media Production showed its readers how to plan, capture, edit and distribute content (branded photography, audio, video and live streams) with only their phones.

In this updated and fully revised version, Robb is back with even more great content including chapters on content marketing, social media channels and social media strategies.

Who is this book for? It is for people who;

✓ Don't know how to create content to market their brand.

✓ Don't have the funds for a marketing manager but are willing to put in the hard work and learn the skills.

✓ Don't have a big budget for expensive things like promo videos, marketing images, social media campaigns.

✓ Don't know where to start when launching a new business or product.

✓ Have tried and failed to create engaging content for social media and are looking for a guide.

✓ Aspire to be a social media influencer.

✓ Wish to enter employment as a marketing professional.

✓ Interested in digital marketing.

✓ Need real-world digital skills to grow their business.

✓ Are interested in entrepreneurial skills.

✓ Are looking to create better images, videos or live streams.


So if you want a solid, no-nonsense, practical overview to content marketing and media production, using only your smartphone, Smartphone Smart Marketing is the book for you.

The book includes cheat guides, best apps, worked examples and more.

◆Let's get to work, buy your copy, grab your phone, it’s time to leave the competition behind.◆


Acclaim for Smartphone Media Production from 2016

“Received! Dove in - Liked what I saw! Really useful stuff”. Peter Shankman

“This book is fantastic and would highly recommend it for anyone starting to get into making videos on their phone.” Stewart Richardson professional photographer.

“This book has helped me increase my understanding and develop some really good strategies on maximising the use of smartphones and social media in a variety of ways, from personal use through to improving business reach. Excellent stuff!” Amazon.

“So impressed I hired him” Peter Syme adventure specialist and business owner.

“As a self-employed business owner, keeping up with changes in technology can be overwhelming, I found this book full of great information, presented in a clear and practical way – full of advice and resources to keep you on your toes.” Chris Wain Unique Adventure Tours Scotland.

“Overall this book had everything I needed to get me up and running on social media, producing what I feel is way better quality content than I could have ever imagined I was capable of and all with my Smartphone, it’s amazing.” Big Al Monkeytron Collective.

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