Social Media Planner and Guide 2022

2022 Social Media Planner and Guide: Consistently Better Content

Discover how to use your time more wisely and create compelling social media content with ease. My Social Media Planner 2021 was a bestselling hit, and as this year is the year of the tiger, I've made this planner bigger and better!

I created this Social Media Diary to take the headache out of Social Media content creation, week in and week out. What's new in the 2022 Social Media Planner & Guide this year:

  • Big social media trends in 2022 and how this will impact your social media posts and ads.
  • What's new on social media platforms in 2022 and how to adapt your strategy. Including:
    1. Facebook™
    2. Instagram ™
    3. Twitter ™
    4. LinkedIn ™
    5. TikTok ™
    6. YouTube ™
  • A Streamlined social media content planning workbook
  • 400+ prompts for social media posts (at least one for every day of 2022!)
  • Tips on running social media paid ads
  • A week to view diary including bank holidays from Ireland, UK & US
  • Resource web page with €200/£170/$230 worth of helpful tools including a Content Planning worksheet, Organic Reach Calculator, Return on Ad Spend Calculator & a free 20 minute social media content planning tutorial

Our testimonials say it all...

"It stops me hesitating; I prepare, I post" - Melissa Moore, The Retail Advisor

"Louise's planner makes it so much easier to post, especially on days that your brain just can't think in social media mode." - Julie Callaghan, The Old Rectory Leitrim

"Louise's Social Media Planner & Guide allows me to think methodically about my posts for the week ahead." - Sean Kelly, St. Angela's College

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