Strategic Shopper Marketing: Driving Shopper Conversion by Connecting the Route to Purchase with the Route to Market

Strategic Shopper Marketing provides a uniquely strategic perspective on the “anything, anywhere, anytime” retail revolution.

Following the principles set out by leading global consultant Georg August Krentzel, a practitioner can connect shopper marketing principles with strategic concerns, aligning it with other disciplines like marketing, sales and distribution to connect their route to purchase with their route to market. Providing professionals with a theoretically well-founded understanding of shopper marketing, the book charts the history and development of shopper marketing and describes the newest developments and changes in the marketplace that impact how shoppers need to be activated to generate profitable sales and loyalty. The book presents a guideline with examples and numerous illustrations to develop successful shopper marketing strategies across different sales channels.

Focused on practice, but with solid theoretical foundations, practical insights and methodologies, and enriched with examples, this book is ideal for marketing practitioners at strategic levels looking to integrate shopper marketing principles into their organization, as well as for those less experienced practitioners learning the principles, and those in marketing education.

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