The Advertising Agency Business

When the first edition of Herbert Gardner's The Advertising Agency Business was published, it was heralded as the most comprehensive management guide to this dynamic, fast-changing business. The second edition established the book as the standard work on the subject. This newly revised edition by Eugene Hameroff continues that tradition. In twenty-eight short, easy-to-read chapters, you will find out how to:

  • Start an agency


  • Manage your agency profitably with key financial insights, including expert guidance on determining income and profit; allocating gross income, developing solid billing procedures; identifying key operating figures; developing timely, reliable financial reports for your agency and for your clients


  • Evaluate an agency


  • Structure ownership


  • Manage, develop, and evaluate personnel


  • Develop mutually beneficial relationships with clients and suppliers


  • Generate new business through aggressive lead generation knowledgeable assessment of client personnel blockbuster presentations

Drawing on more than a half century of experience in agency administration, finance, and general management, this all-new edition is the indispensable guide for every advertising professional and for anyone who wants to know more about successful advertising business practice.

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