The Book on Sales and Marketing: Expert Marketing for the People

Awaiting you inside the pages of The Book on Sales & Marketing is an arsenal of powerful skills, knowledge, fundamentals, and tools that the modern marketer must possess to thrive in the business jungle without wasting precious resources figuring it out alone. Finally, the basics every business needs all in one place: Target Marketing & Tracking, Growing Lists & Databases, Attracting New Leads, Converting Old Leads, Social Media Disruption, Content Creation, Copywriting, Network Acceleration, Funnels, Automation, Websites, pages, and Google, Email & Phone Sales, Paid Advertising, Television, Print, Radio and more...This complete “full-stack” marketing guide provides you with the mechanics and mindset necessary to bring in more qualified customers, speak their language and do more business, quicker. Loaded with additional content, The Book on Sales & Marketing will change the way you approach marketing and sales forever.

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