The Essentials of Contemporary Marketing

As the effectiveness of traditional marketing techniques continues to diminish, contemporary marketing increasingly becomes the most reliable method of expanding outreach and reflecting the needs of the modern consumer. When implemented, these contemporary strategies offer the greatest support for their client base, with a product range that adapts to the desires of the target market. The channels used to underpin these strategies are also radically different from traditional methods placing emphasis upon platforms such as social media.

Designed for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as those in executive education and general business, The Essentials of Contemporary Marketing covers a wide range of themes, including:

- Consumer behaviour
- The latest marketing research
- Services marketing
- Brand management
- Global marketing, and
- Ethics in marketing.

Each chapter includes case studies to illustrate and contextualise the topics covered, featuring companies as diverse as Amazon, McLaren, Unilever, UBS and Virgin Money.

In alignment with its subject matter, The Essentials of Contemporary Marketing prioritises practicality over theory-based content providing a comprehensive and contextualised insight into how marketing is developing in the 21st century.

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