The New Marketing Playbook: How to grow in a changing world

"A must-have book for anyone interested in marketing to learn, step by step, how marketing is actually done." Jaideep Prabhu, Professor of Marketing at the Cambridge Judge Business School, Cambridge University
"This book is a great read that will help you add value to your business, customers and partners like no other. It guides you through the latest tools and techniques and breaks them down into simple to use templates that you can apply to your marketing activities." Margaret Jobling, Chief Marketing Officer of NatWest Group
We are living in a period of hyper-change; economic shocks, political upheavals, natural disasters, and global health pandemics are part of ‘normal’ life. Existing marketing models are designed for a “business as usual” mode so how do you prepare for this new environment?
You need The New Marketing Playbook: a dynamic set of action-oriented marketing tools, techniques and principles to keep you at the top of your marketing game. With its easy to understand and actionable marketing framework, your organisation will be able to navigate a dynamic and changing environment in order to grow and thrive.
It’s a ‘must have’ playbook you can keep coming back to that combines theory, practise, insights, and case studies that will help transform your marketing activities to unearth undiscovered insights about your customers. It will also help you develop new propositions and customer experiences to meet their needs, create compelling communication and engagement strategies, and measure and improve your marketing with a roadmap of strategies your organisation should take.
What got us here, won’t take us there. Discover The New Marketing Playbook.

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