The Sales Fix Formula: How To Sell More, Make Money And Grow Your Business Faster. Top Sales Advice, Growth, Customer Management, and Marketing Help Book

The Step By Step Practical Guide To Selling More, Making Money And Running A Successful Business.

This book helps you to quickly gain sales, manage customers more successfully and grow your business in the right direction. Anyone can sell and make a profit, you just need to have the right formula. This book helps you understand what your customers think, want and need, and shares the secrets of how to succeed in business.

Save Time and Money, Grow Your Sales & Business Faster.
The Sales Fix Formula breaks down the full selling and business process into 10 easy to understand chapters.

This book also gives the reader clever sales insights, selling tips and top business advice throughout, all based on Kieran's 25 years of vast successful selling experience and knowledge - plus a bonus chapter on 50 ways to promote a business - all in one book.

What's is covered and explained in this book:

Intro: What is the Sales Fix Formula ?

  1. What makes a good salesperson?
  2. Defining and targeting the right customer
  3. How to create a profitable sales funnel
  4. Understanding what the customer values
  5. Improving your offering
  6. Building trust and integrity
  7. Improving customer contact
  8. Building customer relationships
  9. Pricing and how to make money
  10. Negotiation & making the sale happen

Also included in this book is:

  • 50 ways to promote a business
  • Top Sales And Business Tips
  • Exclusive link to my free sales audio downloads
  • Motivation and Guidance

Recent Reviews

  • "The ultimate guide to selling, Kieran's insights and years of sales experience and top business tips are excellent - the sales fix formula has all the sales help you will ever need in one place thanks -Tech Start-up."
  • "Kieran answers key business questions like - Why am I not making any sales? and gives the reader great solutions and help in this book - Private Owner. "

About the Author
Kieran Perry is a top Business Consultant and Sales Expert. His successful sales and management career has spanned the last 25 years, and in that time he has been responsible for the sales, management, and growth of many multi million pound retail, manufacturing, logistics and distribution businesses. Let him explain how you can increase your sales, and how to run a successful business, making money from your existing or very first customer.

This book will provide you with expert top sales advice and strategies on how to sell more, gain new customers, and grow your sales on and off line to increase your profits faster. It explains how to run a successful business, what ever the product or service you sell.

What's this all about
The Sales Fix Formula will equip the reader with new sales and business skills and tips to help start, develop or grow your business, whatever the product or service you sell. Kieran, the author, will leave you energised, motivated and full of new ideas. Kieran helps people sell more and grow their business and profits faster. Success in selling and business management can come from implementing Kieran's series of straight forward, and easy to use disciplines and processes.

The Sales Fix Formula is a registered Trade Mark

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