Using Semiotics in Retail: Leverage Consumer Insight to Engage Shoppers and Boost Sales

Boosting retail sales is more important than ever. Stand out in a global, digital marketplace, grow customer loyalty and evolve your brand by leveraging the power of semiotics online and in physical stores.

Practical, accessible and based on 20 years of global marketing experience, Using Semiotics in Retail shows retailers of all sizes how to upgrade and empower their marketing, today and for the future. Discover step-by-step how to recognise and design for emerging consumer needs and create meaningful shopper experiences. Learn how to surprise and delight consumers, increase engagement and make shopping easier for everyone. It features case studies and examples from Unilever, Freshippo, H&M, Google, Toyota and many more.

Using Semiotics in Retail shares game-changing marketing insights in categories such as FMCG, fashion, technology and entertainment, drawn from China, India, Mexico, the US and the UK. The book is supported by online resources that include templates and interactive exercises. Using Semiotics in Retail equips readers with a set of powerful tools which readers can use straight away to create engaging and successful retail marketing.

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